I sometimes wonder ‘Why’ ?
My life is not so colorful as the Popeye.

Right from Childhood,
And then going through this Adulthood,
Why so many Pain ?
Why my efforts go in Vain ?

How much to Struggle ?
What all should I Juggle ?

How much to bear and compromise ?
From sunrise to moonrise ?

So tiring to try and smile,
And don a designer dress and hairstyle,
When actually deep inside the tears,
Are killing all my years !

From breakups and rejections,
From dejection and tensions,
I’ve passed through each section.

Huge Family, Associates and Friends,
But still no one can help me amend,
No one on whom I can depend.

I give and give and give,
And forgive and try to again live,
But still in pains, I am captive.

Why always, I am misunderstood ?
Why are people so full of falsehood ?

Why do the dear ones, I so Love,
Turn away or give me a Shove ?

Why do the people, I so deeply Trust,
Soon forget and leave me in the Dust ?

Why is it so hard for them to understand,
That All I wanted was to, hold their Hand ?

Why do they just, use me and then forget ?
And fill my heart with tears so wet.

Why does the Ones who you Love the Most ?
Abandon You and leave you alone on the Coast ?

Oh ! Of this Life, I am so Weary,
It’s not just the tiring up and down Journeys,

I just want to Enjoy Life and Always Smile,
I want to be Carefree and run along the Miles,

Dancing with my Loved Ones, Caring and Loving,
Making Everyone Happy, My Life Forever, Rocking !!

By Cattie

Source: http://forums.familyfriendpoems.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=23877



  1. Hey dear Carrie,forget all tenshios n enjoy d every moment of life because it is beautiful gift for us given by God.life has four letters n with dis four stage of our life.left all w ranglings n enjoy.

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