MUMBAI – MERE JAAN – KYA BAATH HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Mumbai, Oh! You are so Beautiful…
You heart is vibrant, valiant and Zestful.

Yours arms are so Wide and Warm…
That people flock here from every Platform.

You welcome everyone, with Food and Shelter,
Be it just a Road to sleep on or plain Bread and Water.

Everyone who enters this great City,
Is mesmerized and drawn into your Beauty.

For be it a Businessman or be it a Beggar,
Everyone survives here in any Weather.

There’s always a rustle and bustle everywhere,
No other city, to Mumbai, can you compare.

People here are full of Enthusiasm and Vigor,
Be it a businessman or a simple Jogger.

Life starts from 4 in the early morning,
Everyone with their Routine scrambling.

There’s not a minute to spare,
Everyone has something to do, or go to somewhere.
Even at the end of the day, this city never sleeps,
As the moon slowly through the sky slowly creeps.

Fashion here is at its Best,
The Rich and Wealthy live here with Zest.
The Poor too may have nothing grand to wear,
But they all survive, whatever may be the fare.

The Huge Buildings, Malls and Grand Halls,
And double the number of vada-pav and chai stalls.

The trains always packed, the roads forever jammed,
The shops, restaurants and hotels always are crammed,
The Entire City is, but, so effortlessly, programmed.

Be it any Caste, Be it any Festival,
Everyone together mingles, whatever be their Lingual.
Amongst themselves Mumbaikars may Fight,
But when Terror strikes, they all Unite.

So many languages, people here talk,
So many foreigners to Mumbai flock,
To see its beauty, to experience its Vibrancy,
A city with the Good & Bad, the Sweet and Spicy.

Some Places may be Dirty, some Places may be Clean,
But still people love it and admire the Scene.
Some People may be Good, some may be Bad,
But every Mumbaikar is a Helpful Comrade.

No wonder President Obama visted Mumbai First,
With our Mumbaikars, he first Conversed.
That’s the Spirit of this Wonderful Place,
Mumbai is the Diamond in India’s Showcase.


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