My Love IT

Love is such a beautiful Word,

In every relationship, the word is Heard.

We love our family, we love our Friend,

Love has no limit, it goes to any Extend.


Has anyone ever loved his Work,

More than the job or its Perk.

My job is IT and I find IT so Special,

Though this subject is quite Official.


I can’t seem to stop missing my Work,

It is more refreshing than a cool Coke.

The phonecall the emails, the continuous Flow,

The tensions to solve them, would make me Glow.


From manual to computerized, I seen my Dept Grow,

What pains and struggles went into the package, that few Know.

I struggled and travelled for every installation, with the Team,

Installing and Training my colleagues on every IT Scheme.


I sat for nights till 2 in the morning on just Coffee,

And installed the Central Database and won the Trophy.

No easy work, it was, you better know That,

Developing a whole package on connectivity is quite a huge Format.


The Teething problems were worse than the Development,

The continuous flaws, to handle, was worse than any Ailment.

The fibres, the cables, the switches, the Routers,

Millions of questions and so few workable Answers.







But Trouble-Shooting, though tough, was so Satisfying,

To help everyone, with their problems, needed advice Clarifying

With every problem solved, a deep victory, I would Achieve,

Nothing better than problem solving, is what I Believe.



The relief that I can give to the User, was bigger than any Incentive,

To me, Trouble Shooting in IT , had made me very Active.

My heart rejoiced with every solution I Provided,

My goal was, to solve over every IT problem, I Attended.



My Miss that Life of IT Troubles, around me to Solve,

Around the hundreds of solutions and Issues, my mind would Revolve.

Who will take care of them, when I am not There?

Who will resolve things with speed and utmost Care?



My mind lingers through the Day,

Waiting for my Boss to Say,

Come Back Cattie and take your Chair,

Together with IT, I make a great Pair.



5 thoughts on “My Love IT

  1. It is so refreshing when work is play . Was teacher 33 years. Loved it in the beginning but now has left me a burned out empty shell. Has taken some years now to recharge and find joys in blogging , my art and love of reading.


    1. Carl, When Your Job is Your Passion, Life is Good.
      You are a Good Writer. Take keen interest in writing. Write about yourself.
      There is no such thing as “being an empty shell”. You have to just Look Up at Each Day as a New Sunrise. Thank the Lord for keeping you alive. And Do Your Best to Find Happiness.
      I will give you a Great Tip. Adopt a Dog or Cat. You will Find Un-Conditional Love.



      1. I like what u said . customer support give me joy. Now any industry if they believe in this statement there would be more happier people than cribbing about their jobs . you should be an inspiration


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