We the members of the famous Mouthshut.Com

Identify ourselves as the MSians, Witty and Warm,

Our Site believes that Consumer is the King,

What Hot, What’s Not, We tell you Everything.

Mouthshut is not just a Social Web-Site,

It is not just a Business Idea Bite,

Mouthshut is a Priceless Insight, A Passion of a kind.

Into the likes and dislikes of the Consumers Mind.

We are the Mouths that Open to Talk,

We are Mouthshut and we sure do Rock.

We help you buy, what is the Best Choice,

With our ‘Word of Mouth’ Advertising Poise.

Our Mouthshut Site is Wonderful, Intelligent and Witty,

Not many a Site can boast of such, It’s a Pity

Come voice your Opinion on our MS Platform

We Research, Compare and Review like a Brainstorm


Mouthshut is the Pulse of the Market,

Mouthshut is the Mind of the Consumer Circuit.

Our Reviews are a Rave and are widely Read,

Our Diaries Straight from our Hearts, is keyed

Once you enter Mouthshut, Addicted will you get

For our Site is the Best, the Rest you will Forget

Mouthshut has won the Best Web Portal Award

Our CEO, Faisal, he got this Reward

For he is a real Hardworking Tech Freak

A man who, who is a Icon, yet friendly and meek

Our CEO, a Celebrity, yet so Humble,

Forever busy, creating some new Bustle.

Our Caretaker APS, is Wonderful,

She Peps us up and keeps us Cheerful.

Mouthshut is Our Happy Web-Site,

We have tons of Fun and Delight.

We Share and Connect, we Rock Allright,

Constructive Writing is Mouthshut’s Birthright.

We communicate and make Virtual Friends,

We Comment, and Share, we enjoy Weekends,

We Rate each others Posts,

When we win the FP or ROTD, we celebrate with a Toast

So hey you big Corporates, don’t be careless,

Your Product or Service, we inspect with aptness.

So, Beware, we are there, looking everywhere,

Checking and Testing for Our Society Welfare

So you better make your Product be Good,

We won’t let you give us any Falsehood.

If you are excellent, we rate you 5 Star,

Or else, we’ll paint you with some Tar.

So Come One and All,

Join our MS Family and have a Ball.

Never from Mouthshut will you Quit,

For we are a Large Family Closely-Knit



So, How Did You Like this Poem ?

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