Make Life Good

Time once spent, does not come again

So every task that we do, we should do it ten on ten,

We are just wanderers on this planet Earth

We have to make the best of what our Life is worth.

Many will be the hardships and failures in life,

But we have to endure each and every strife,

We have to wade through, we have to cross,

We have to bravely stride across.

Think of the many people not having the means,

The people born deformed and don’t make it to their teens.

The people who are homeless without a family,

With no one to care, no one to be friendly.

Daily new births of souls in this world,

Daily new lives into death are hurled.

Still Life has to go on, you have to complete,

The destiny written for us, which we have to meet.

There is no running away, from places of hell,

One day everything will be All Well.

Hope is the only source of every human alive,

Trust in the Lord and put faith in your drive.

Just as everything has to come to an end,

You will surely see the light at the road’s bend,

So put on your heart bravely,

Get Up and do whatever you can do rightly.

Remember, Love is what God had in Mind,

Be Kind to the Needy, Be Good to Mankind.

Don’t hurt anyone, with your words or deeds,

Work with a fire and passion and You will Succeed.

Tomorrow, when you are gone far from this land,

You don’t know, what God has for you planned,

But you can be sure, your Life has reaped your Good Karma,

Your forthcoming life will be blessed by Lord Krishna.

(Krishna is a name indicating GOD Almighty)


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