Generation Gap

The new generation, has slowly spread their Wings,

They are a care free band, now knowing what life will Bring,

Born from a generation, that struggled through their Era,

The mature generation, that braved all the Trauma.

Just to ensure, their kids have everything, set in Place,

Making sure, the children have nothing, tough to Face.


The generation of 50’s to 70’s, saw many a Change,

From black and white TVs, to the touchscreen gadgets Range.

From ringing land telephones, to wireless smart Mobiles

The little kids grew up and we sighed, at how time Flies.


We saved our moneys, little were, our Luxuries,

We pampered and cared, a lot for our Babies.

We walked to places, or cycled to Town,

We went to the circus and laughed at the Clown.


We ate, what was made, at home in the Kitchen,

Our hobbies were sports and reading, books on Fiction,

Our clothes were few, enough to grow Through,

We used to book tickets, by standing in Queues.


We had only grocer shops, from where we bought Rations,

We dressed decent and knew little, about Fashions.

We had one Watch to tell us the Time,

We had empty grounds, to play and trees to Climb.


Communication was simple, Letters delivered, by Post,

We treasured each postcard, to our neighbours, we would Boast.

Health was less complicated, when we went, to Doctor’s Clinic,

Charges were low and healing was Quick.


For those who were curious, there was a Dictionary,

Or encyclopedias to read, when we were Free.

There was no Google, at our Fingertips,

We traveled in trains, when going on family Trips.


From typewriters, we learnt how to use computers with Glee,

To master the Dos, Lotus and Wordstar, we were eager to Be.

What we learnt technology yesterday, has no value in Today,

As we stare at the high graphics, of the games on Display.


Happy were we, when we received our check, on pay Day,

All bills we would pay, then go to the bank, without Delay.

We had treats in a cinema halls, with our Friends,

Visiting temples, friends and family on Weekends.


Now we stare at our kids, how they have Grown,

Everybody is busy chatting on their Phone,

Clammed are their wardrobes, with clothes and Shoes,

They seem confident and carefree, and care not for our Views.


They have a readymade house, made by their Parent,

Who now they consider, stupid and Ancient.

Money free flowing, to do whatsoever they Want,

They have parties and credit cards, to Flaunt.


Relationships have no meaning, to this Generation,

They experiment and tinker with, Gods Creations,

They want to be free, they just want a Screen,

Internet is the most important part, of their Routine.


What will happen, to these children. of Today,

When will they find their peace and walk their Own Way,

As Einstein feared, the day, when technology will Surpass,

And make the World an Idiot Mass.


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