The Art in Nature

While I travel on the Wheels

The beautiful nature, makes me Feel,

Fresh and Light as a Bird,

Bliss is the perfect Word.


Feel like opening the doors and Running,

I want to lie in the morning sun, Basking,

Upon the green grass, under the yellow flower Tree,

Looking at the squirrels run and birds flying Free.


Oh look at those bushes growing on the Hill,

The parrots and mynas voices are so Shrill.

Oh look at that little pond of water so Clear,

Birds chirping, frogs croaking, I Hear.


I lay down on the grass so Green,

I breathe in the fresh air, so Clean.

The pretty flowers shaking their Heads,

As the wind plays through the vast flower Beds.





Look at the sky, how wide and High,

Amongst the white fluffy clouds, I want to Fly.

The trees full of leaves, pretty with Colors,

The cat chases the squirrel with grey Furs.


The breeze floats, so cool on my Face,

I watch the peacock dancing with Grace.

The bees are busy, buzzing round the Honeycomb,

I run barefoot, on the soil, which is my Home.


Down the valley, I run with a merry Skip,

Little rain drops, start to Drip,

I see the river flowing, sparkling in the Light,

The foam of the tiny waves look, so White.


The monkeys swinging from the mango Trees,

The butterflies prancing about in the Breeze,

Oh look at the crabs trotting in their pink Shells,

The white swans wading, so sweet the air Smells.




I am overwhelmed with Nature’s Beauty,

I begin to sing some songs Sweetly,

My Mind feels calm with Peace,

All tensions, my mind, Release.


The Earth is our Mother,

We should preserve and treasure Her.

Whenever you suffocated with the city’s Bash,

And feel, you are about to Clash,


Just step out into the green Lands,

Or lie down on the beach Sands,

Breathe In deeply with clean Air,

Shake out your worries from your Hair,


Live a Life, be connected to, beautiful Earth,

Make every moment of your Life, be full of Mirth.

Be connected to Nature, Animals and Birds,

Sing aloud and remember my this Poem’s Words.

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