Being Postive

Everyone is scared of the Dark,

It’s mean and scares you like a Shark.

But if you just, hold a Lamp in your hand,

The darkness will disappear like a magic wand.


You need not stay hiding in the darkness,

You need not sulk and become bleakness.

Think Color, inhale Color, paint your mind,

Cause darkness is available only for the blind.


Darkness is sad, Darkness is Depression,

You have to fight your way out of the Dungeon.

You, what Your Mind Believes,

Your mind follows orders from what you Conceive.


Everything happens for a Good Reason,

Trust in God’s Plan, every day, every Season.

Train your mind to see Good in every Situation,

God has an answer for your every Question.


If you keep looking everytime, at your Problem,

The size of your problems will become Maximum,

You will then fail to see, the Solutions which God made,

Because with eyes closed, you’ll always be afraid.


You can’t have a good day with a bad Attitude.

Same, you can’t have a bad day with a Good Attitude.

Life is a gift, never take it for Granted,

You live only once, don’t let it go Wasted.


Think about things, you have been by God, Gifted,

So many others lie languishing, their life Naked.

What you have, many others are without,

They live silently through poverty and drought.


So, make use of every talent God has given you,

Do not slouch and paint your moods dark blue.

Find colors to brighten your life everyday,

Keep those useless negative thoughts away.


Help someone, Inspire someone, Care for everyone you meet,

Watch movies, hear songs, write stories and poems so sweet.

Keep far from all things or people who are Negative,

Keep yourself Active and Attractive.


There lies a huge power in Positive Thinking,

Positive Thoughts and Words are best for Healing.

When you change the way, you look at Things,

The Things you look at will change and make you Sing.




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