He and Me

Light as a wisp of sweet Breeze,

Into my Life, he walked with flawless Ease.

Charm oozed out of his every Word,

New feelings inside me, he Stirred.


I was innocent,  a simple Girl,

He pampered me and made me a Pearl.

He touched me and every inch of me Quivered,

New passions and emotions in me, he Stirred.


His touch made my life, bright as Sunshine,

I felt high with him, like intoxicated by Wine.

He made me laugh, he made me Cry,

But I could not resist him, I don’t know Why.


I confided my life to him, every little Detail,

He too told me about his life’s Tale.

We became each other’s Soul-Mate,

To see each other every day, we couldn’t Wait.


His words touched my heart, he promised me the Stars,

I became his loyal slave, made him my Avatar.

Every need of his fulfilled, every command Obeyed,

In a dream world of passion, we together Swayed.


I began to expect and want him to Myself,

But he played fiddle and lied to cover Himself.

With time, he slowly got greedy for money and Fame,

I felt that he was, just playing with me, a Game.


His words of love and charming Vows,

Slowly faded, the fire in his heart Dowsed.

I became his plaything, an object to pass Time,

Forgetting promises, he thought was no Crime.


He deftly, kept me apart from his world,

Insecurities and Jealousy, inside me twirled.

I wanted him to remember, to be the same lover,

But he was more interested in status and power.


I languished with health but he was never beside,

He cared lesser and lesser for the tears I cried.

Filled with anger, I wanted to make him pay,

For cheating and using me, but he had nothing to say.


Fury flamed within, I wanted him to feel my pain,

I betrayed him in anger, then repented for being so insane.

While he suffered from my actions, I lamented,

A huge gap between us, we parted.


I forgave his every hurt, he had caused me,

I wanted him again, my soul mate to be.

I feel so lost and empty, my heart bleeds,

I wish I could go back in time and undo my deeds.


Now I know how valuable, a Friend he was,

Maybe not a true lover or a santa Claus.

But he had done his best, to make me Happy,

Though I feel, he should take, the blame Partly.


I Miss my Friend, My Only Confidante,

I wish everything would, become Okay.

I pray for him Everyday,

Asking God, to not, let him go Away.


I wait, hoping, him to return, in the pouring Rain,

I’m trying to recover, atleast our Friendship, but in Vain.

I wish he would understand, why it Happened,

I wish he had not made me, so Saddened.


Whether he came into my life, for a just a Season,

I asked God to tell me, what was the Reason.

Letting go of the past, seems not so Easy,

But you have to Move on, we have one life Only.


I hope, one day, he will learn to, Value his Friend,

The girl he promised to love, and hold hands, till the End.



48 thoughts on “He and Me

  1. Lovely Poem. May be some people might not keep their promises may be they leave you and move on, but what we are left are wonderful memories. Taking the best ones and forgetting the rest from the memories and then moving on with them makes life beautiful. 🙂


    1. Exactly Arohii, That’s just what I have finally managed to do. It was very very painful initially and I thought Depression would swallow me like a drunkard drinking his tekila shot !!
      Now, I have gathered together the most beautiful moments of our relationship, pasted them in my heart forever and I have Moved On.

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      1. So glad to hear that Cattie. This is the best approach I think and Bravo! You have been really brave overcoming the issues of Depression. MAY GOD BLESS YOU. 🙂 ❤ xx


      1. Well……………..Its a long story……………..Cut short was that I fell in love with him, and imagined his love to be love only, but he was only playing a game ad when he got bored of the game, he started ignoring me. So I opened my mouth and told his family about his antics and since then he is not talking to me.

        Good, I have moved on now.

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  2. Cattie….This poem spoke volumes to me. It took an unexpected twist towards the end and I can completely say, I know exactly how you feel… You are a very brave and strong woman for sharing this with us. Your words captivated me. I want you to know you are not alone and I’m glad you are doing well.

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    1. Katrina, only my inside soul knows how sad I feel. I pray everyday for him to understand that he too had hurt me and I only acted “like a response”. I never meant to betray him. He has taken my 12 years of love, care and dedication and thrown it all away, because I got angry and told on him.


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