Vindictive Boss


Hey You, who do you think you Are?

You come in here to rule us or make War?

We welcomed you as we would welcome a King,

We thought you would bring into our lives, Spring.


Since the day, you sat your high throne,

Not Spring, but have been through only Cyclones.

We smiled at you, shared our feelings with you,

But you just categorized us, in your Pisces View.


You regarded us seniors, as thieves or fools,

You felt that we were not hard working, so you made your own rules,

You shifted us from our comfort zone,

To various corners, we were thrown.


You eyed our riches, which through hard work, we collected,

You cared not to see the truth, in black, you had us painted.

You took away our rightful fruits,

You uprooted us from our roots.


We were barred from asking any question,

You glared at us and made us frighten.

You felt we were old and useless,

And you showed us that you were heartless.


You went about enjoying our kingdom view,

You recruited inside, newbies as your own privileged crew.

They only had a piece of polished paper,

But you treated them as gold, Us, as rusty silver.


You changed the rules, you cut all our perks,

You even taught your crew, to treat us like jerks.

You were determined to make us suffer,

The more we cried, the more you made things tougher.


You are misled by a few idiots,

Who used your shoulder to shoot their bullets,

You listened to the gossip of tainted saints,

On us, you placed heavy restraints.


You are not the Owner, just a temporary Leader,

You undermine our work, and call us Losers,

You have ears,  eyes and smiles, only for your blue-eyed,

You care not if we cried or even died.


Don’t you have humanity in your heart?

Being Kind is the best of all Arts.

Pointing mean fingers may be your Style,

It only shows, that you and your companions are Vile.


We have struggled to reach the top and achieve our goal,

You are highly experienced,  grudged no one, from our soul.

We may have made small mistakes, but don’t deserve Hell,

Who are you to punish us, even God is more forgiving,

Whatever you do onto us, will come back, with a sharp sting.


You reap what you sow,

And by the sweat of our Brow,

We pray to Almighty God, for Mercy,

God will surely be kind and listen to our plea.


Tomorrow when you are gone, forever from our Sight,

Your actions will return to you, to Bite.

Our life will go on, God is Here,

He will wipe our tears and bring back our Cheer.


When you have to go and leave us all, Behind,

People will only remember, when you were Kind,

So if you want to be remembered with Smiles,

Undo your wrong deeds,  with the people Reconcile.

38 thoughts on “Vindictive Boss

    1. I tell you, this is just a reading version of the cruel state we are being treated. What we go through it 100 times more. Just pray for us all, that the Wicked Mean Boss goes away soon along with his Evil Gang.

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      1. Sure, will pray, that’s not a nice state at all, can’t imagine having to go through that! reading itself seems so bad…


      1. Will pray he goes away or that you get relief in a good way. Maybe he’ll stop being mean. Would it help to imagine him in underwear with pink bunny rabbits?

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      2. As long as these men have the Power of the Chair, nothing can change them, except their POST RETIREMENT AGE.
        They will come crashing down from the high Mountain to slimey ground level, where no one will remember them and everyone will ignore them.

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  1. Fab poem and reflects an experience in my life! I do think there is a growing issue in managing to achieve ‘short term’ performance goals whilst losing sight of humanity and the bigger picture which in the end does come back to bite those who drive this mentality and doesn’t work in the longer term as great people are lost from the companies.. x


  2. Bless your heart….I hope things have turned around for you. It sounds like utter torture, and I have faith that you will find a way to make it through and focus on the joys in your life…having read your “About” section, I gather that you are fun loving, and caring and sensitive. Those are qualities that will see you through the strained times. Keep your light shining….and, thanks for sharing 🙂

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