Save The Earth and Yourself


Seeing the world moving on at a fast Pace,

I sit drinking my coffee, trying to Trace,

How everything is so Connected,

Yet the world is full of Hatred


We all have the same color of Blood

We all walk on earth’s Mud

Maybe we differ in color of our Skin

But we all belong to the same Kin


We all are connected in some unique Way

To different deities, we may Pray

All living things are woven Together

Each and everything, depends on each Other

We all belong to Nature Mother


We have a body, made from Dust

When time is done, to dust return, we Must

Then why, do we have, separate caste and Class?

Some are rich, with wealth Amass?

But many live in poverty, Alas .


Some love to kill and terrorize Creation,

Some go their routine jobs and ask no Question.

Some love to work and some love to Create,

Some like to be drugged, to feel Great.


Brothers and Sisters have fight bitter Battles

Parents and children, in relationships, Struggle

Day by day, the Earth is Destroyed

All natural resources, will soon be Devoid


What is Love, does anyone today Know?

Internet and Technology  only Grows.

Man has surpassed, his original Lifestyle

No one has time to stop and Smile.


What will happen to Mankind

Everything only seems, to be getting Undermined

Soon everything will come to a crashing Stop

All that may be left behind, will be Teardrops.

44 thoughts on “Save The Earth and Yourself

  1. I love this Poem Cattie ! You are really gifted, not many think alike but blessed we will be if all of us believed we are one and if all of us cherished our lives, relations, nature and more !!! xx

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