I went to the City Mall

Reaching the Food court, I went to KFC Stall

I eyed the crisp chicken and delicious Drinks

The boy handed me, my order with a sweet Wink.


Halfway through my burger, I saw a small Child,

Standing in a corner, I caught her glance and Smiled,

She stood, near her mother, mopping the Floor,

She looked sadly around, she seemed hungry for Sure.


Next to me, sat a group of people Celebrating,

On their table, they had a cake, which they were Eating,

Trays of burgers, pizzas and drinks were served, at their Tables,

They opened a champagne bottle and sprayed each other, with Bubbles.


Then suddenly, one of them, picked up cake Slices,

And started, pasting cake, on each other’s Faces,

I felt repellant, at the waste of food and Money,

They thought they were being hip, but it was’nt Funny.


I saw the little girl, looking at them, wide Eyed

She knew, she could never have, those cakes and sadly, she Sighed

After the party was over, the gang left with Pride,

Thinking they were “Cool”, with their tattoos Dyed.


They passed by the little girl, unaware of her sad Face

One of them stopped, to tie his Shoelace,

The little girl, went to him and held her hand Open,

The guy fished out, a penny and gave her as a Token.


I looked at my burger and fizz, I felt Nauseating,

How unconcerned, this world has become, it was Hating.

The mother came, to clean up the table and Waste,

So much food was ruined, she cleaned it in Haste.


Then taking the little girl, she scurried down, the back Stairs,

I got up, leaving my food and darted, through the Chairs,

Finally I reached them, and took the little girl in my Arms,

Her mother looked at me with surprised Alarm.


I bought the little girl and her mother, to the food Stall

I seated her on the chair and she looked, so sweet and Small,

I rushed to the counter and ordered them the same Snacks,

I filled the table with delicious food Packs,


I watched them gobble, hungrily, their hands Shivering,

I felt a huge sense of satisfaction, in Sharing,

They had eaten, as much as they Could,

Never had I, felt, a pleasure so Good.




Friends, whenever you are out, partying, with your Buddies,

When biting into you pizzas and choconut Cookies,

Look around you and see, if you can see a hungry Face

It may be a stray dog, or a member of, the human Race.


Make sure, you pack a double bag of Goodies,

Give something, to the Poor and Starved, Please.

For, every person, that you Feed,

God will give you, 10 times more, than you Need.


Don’t waste food or spray Champagne,

Don’t throw out edible food, into the Drain

Take a minute and give that food, to the Less-Fortunate

To these homeless, hungry folk, be a little, Affectionate


Remember, there is always, one person out There

Who would be thankful, for what, you have to Spare

So friends, be Generous to people/animals in Need,

For we all, belong, to One God’s Breed.

57 thoughts on “SHARE AND CARE

    1. Thanks, but I just wrote after I ate at the mall the other day and then later saw poor people languishing on the road and at the malls, so much of food is eaten, over eaten and wasted.
      I even started feeding the stray dogs in our complex. I buy about 3 kgs of chicken waste parts which is sold for Rs. 40 per kg and walk along the road and put a small heap beside the dog. Now so many dogs wag their tails when they see me.I honestly Blush !!

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    1. Mt Heart is a Way To Much Kind. Sometimes I help some people who dont deserve my help, but have tricked me into believing that they need money or help.
      Due to this kind heart, I have about 60,000/- due from 3 people who borrowed from me and then ran off and have forgotten they have to pay. I am taken for granted by everyone.

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  1. Beautiful Cattie and even I do that which I did just yesterday and it feels so good when they say thank you and have a ready smile on their face. What has God not given us that we cannot share our meal with them or buy for them they also have taste buds just like us. Thanks Carrie your pics are so apt.

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  2. I’m really very connect you
    Our views dance in resonance!!!
    The way you present,”conditions” tells everything about you..
    Keep going … All the best dear 💐


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