Save the child from Rape

I was reading on the net about this case, of a 11 year old baby, raped for 2 hours.

This happened on 4th September this year. After reading this, I poured my grief for this child into this Poem.


Rape, is a word, dreaded by All,

Its does’nt matter, if victims are big or Small.

Man has grown Lecherous,

He has destroyed the world, with sex Madness.


What pleasure, do they Get?

To relieve, with a semen Outlet.

Onto an innocent, helpless Female,

To watch with pleasure, as they helplessly Wail


What is so satisfying, to those Demons?

That they forget, they are, Humans,

And act like wild animals, desperate for Flesh,

Their minds drugged, they capture their victim, in their Mesh.


It does not matter to them, age is no Bar,

Women and girls, nuns and kids, they Scar.

Just for a few minutes of their flesh Desire,

They do it with malice, worse than a Vampire.


What devilish force, compels them to Rape,

Seems like, they belong, to the clan of Apes,

Even animals, have more feelings, than Humans,

They are far more, compassionate, in their Actions.


The Rapist, has a weapon,  worse than a Gun,

A mere piece, of manhood flesh, they use to have Fun?

Sick mentalities, created by their dirty Past,

Have led them, to torture, innocent flesh, Aghast,


Even Children, they do not spare, from their Lust,

Like cannibals, they tear open a body, with one Thrust.

Can they not see, an innocent child, under, Them,

When they rape a minor kid and cause Mayhem.


This body, is the temple of God, within us the Soul,

These men, rape beauty of God’s body in Whole,

Not enough that they rape young children, Helpless,

They kill the poor child later, they are just Heinous.


Laws, have been made, to protect the People,

Similar Death punishment, should be made Legal,

Like, in the an ancient Arab Country,

A robber’s hands were cut in public, with no Mercy.


Let Law be made, to punish these dreadful Rapist,

Their manhood should be chopped off,  as a lesson to these Sadists.

The world has become so dangerous and Hazardous,

Their lust extends to rape another male, in Lewdness.


That 11 month little baby, raped by a Brute,

A 36 year old construction worker, destroyed the human Fruit.

By the bushes, he raped the baby, for 2 hours Long,

I scream, asking why nobody could stop such Wrong.


The child lies dead, inside the Bushes,

Her body, covered with coarse Bruises,

The man lives on, he is sentenced to mere Jail,

Is this justice, sufficient to end, this callous Tale ?


We cannot do anything from so far, we can only, Express,

But if you get a chance, to save a child, in Distress,

Make sure you protect her, and save her from Evil,

Cause your soul will live on, you will become, God’s Angel.





46 thoughts on “Save the child from Rape

    1. CHOP IT OFF ………………..Hooray. I wish I was a invisible angel, sent by God with a Chopper, that wherever I see a child being raped, I fly there and Chop Off the Balls@## and the Rapist won’t even see me and the child will be saved.


  1. Powerful poem and on such an awful subject. Too many people exploited in life. The rape of a child on the most horrid of abuse, for two hours . .
    This made me so mad. Although your poem was written excellently, saying how rape of abuse of anyone, should not be!

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    1. Thank You for reading. We must all protect little children, whenever we come across them on streets. Take them to a home, if they have no family or house. But these Bastard Men, want a tight vagina to fuck, so they continue to do it.
      Unless God stop making Men with Penis.

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    1. Because Media like TV, Movies, Books, Advertisements, are constantly “Undressing” Women or displaying them in tiniest costumes. Ads on Menses Pads and Hygiene for private parts are displayed openly on TV. So uneducated men, coming from villages to earn money in the city, see all this and their “animal instincts” awake and their wives are in the villages and they are lonely here, so they rape the first female they see.

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      1. Yes u r absolutely right in saying….
        But men should change their mind….if a boy can wear shorts why shouldn’t girls????
        All should given equal treatment…..
        And girls should free to destroy that individual who raped her immediately…..
        So,a girl should be respected and given equal treatment in society.
        And girl’s morale should be boost….
        To fight against that bad ones…..
        Girls should have permission to harm that person’s…….
        Safe girl safe society bright future!!!!!!!!

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  2. There’s only one decision that one can give is to hang him up or more brutality should be thrust upon the one who does such brutal acts…
    Everyday on news channel there is atleast one or more cases of some hideos crimes.
    There should be a law to punish thr culprits with very same harshness..


  3. I really missed a lot of your amazing poems.
    This one again, reflects our society in today’s date. What we all are left with is selfishness within us. Even if we don’t do bad, not standing up for evil is as cruel as doing evil.
    Punishments should be heinous for such cruel devils, for the act they do is much crueler than any other brutal thing one can even think of.


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