The Miracle of Human Touch

What is this great Power of Touch !
Which Everyone seems to like so Much ?

Touch is the most natural form of communication,
To feel, is the most beautiful Sensation.

We need touch just as much as sunlight, water, and food,
A Gentle Touch can change your mood.

From Birth, we feel the Touch of our Mother’s Womb,
With our Parents Touch, into an Adult we Bloom.
A Touch is a Body Mind and Soul, Connection,
Its Effect on you, is deeper than any Ocean.

In times of trouble, When U don’t know ‘what’ to Say,
Just your touch, can make everything Okay.

A comforting hand squeeze, or a simple hug,
Is a Healing touch, better than any medical drug.

A Tight Hug, cud be a Strong Assurance,
While a Nasty Push, can be a sort of Vengeance.

A daily Hug, from your loved ones, is Best,
It helps you, cross the day, full of Zest.

Reaching out and Touching a person in despair,
Is The Most Beautiful way to say, You Care.

A Touch helps create a Bond,
It never fails to get back a Respond.

A Human Touch is a powerful Medicine,
It heals your Body and helps you Freshen.

No wonder, in the world of Today,
A Good SPA, helps you, take your Stress Away.

Some people caress and love their Pets,
The Stress and Loneliness, they tend to forget.

Even huge Organisations have learnt the Trick,
To ‘Keep a Personal Touch’, earns them Goodwill with the Public.

So Friends, go, Hug someone out there,
Spread that Un-Conditional Love, everywhere.

Remember to Hug, atleast once a day,
And let those worries and tensions drift away.

And Don’t Forget to Always ‘Keep in Touch’.
Because a ‘Touch’ can speak so Much.

83 thoughts on “The Miracle of Human Touch

  1. I’m looking forward to the wintertime because then I’ll be able to cuddle my wife again at night. It’s too hot at the moment. With our combined body heat, the drapes might spontaneously ignite or something.

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  2. This was outstanding. I definitely agree with this message. Im a very “touchy” guy. Not in a creepy way.. but in a flirty, fun, friendly way.I give a lot of hugs, taps on shoulders, and fist pounds. lol

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  3. Bonjour

    Quelle belle histoire entre nous

    Je t’envoie un bouquet de fleurs

    Chargé de parfum que ta demeure soit embaumé de celui-ci
    Comme guidé par un vent d’amour , les anges viennent te protéger
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine
    Ici le temps est beau

    Pour toi en guise de mon Amitié

    Une douce pluie de tendresse et de bisous


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    1. I got the Translation for this. Thank You so Much
      What a beautiful story of us
      I send you a bouquet of flowers

      Loaded perfume that your remains be embalmed thereof
      As guided by a wind of love, Angels come protect you
      I wish you a nice week
      Here the weather is nice
      For you as a My Friendship
      A gentle rain of tenderness and kisses

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  4. Hi Cattie I am so happy I discovered your blog. You have such quality content! Congratulations you have a new fan in me 🙂 I nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge. If time permits you can tread on it 🙂 (you can check my latest post for more information) Please keep writing, I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

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  5. This is so beautiful touch is a great gift most of us have we are blessed to have our six senses and touch could be the best one just buy a touch like a hug we could enlighten someone’s mood this is beyond beautiful 😍😍😍😍

    Do check out my blog posts and let me know what you think would love that I’m new to the blogging world x

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