What If ?

What if, You were Not Born, as Who You Are Now?
What if You were born as a Cat which can only say Meow !

What if You were not having parents, to call your Own?
And You were an Orphan in this world, all Alone !

What if You did not have a house to Stay In?
And had no one to call your Kith and Kin !

What if you had no food to eat Everyday?
And had to beg for scraps of food on the Roadway !

What if You had tattered and dirty clothes to Wear?
And had not even have a comb to comb your Hair !

What if You had to sleep every night, on a Pavement?
Or had to share a hut with beggars, as a Tenant !

What if You had no money to buy a ticket on the Bus?
And had to walk barefoot on the hot roads, without making a Fuss !

What if You were not educated and also Jobless?
And carry stones or pull carts, till You were Breathless !

What if You were beaten and tortured by Ruthless People?
And made to do dirty work and treated worse than Cattle !

What if You had wounds inflicted by someone, on your Body?
And had no one, to have pity on you or say Sorry !

What if you had no Friends to hold your Hand ?
And no one to talk to you with Love on this Land !

What if You were in distress and suffering with Pain ?
And had no one to bring you medicine or be Humane !

What if You were sitting down, Sad and Lonely ?
And had no one to wipe your Tears and Soothe your fears, Sweetly !

What if You were just a Nobody, and No One did Care ?
Of whether You had food to eat or clothes to Wear !

What if You had no place to go to, No one to Belong to?
And all You had, was a scruff stray Dog, to lean Onto !

What if You had lost your Mind and were lying helpless Insane?
And People just walked past you, too Busy, Indifferent and Urbane !

How would You feel, if You were in such a pitiful Situation?
With not a Single person to Love and Care for You, in this huge Nation !

If you don’t have Answers to all these Questions Above,
Would You then have Pity on them and give them Care and Love,
Have some Empathy and do Something for the Poor and Needy,
And change your Indifferent Attitude and stop being Wealth Greedy?


59 thoughts on “What If ?

  1. Your picture is so powerful and your poem has such a powerful message. There is “enough” in the world for everyone to have their needs met, but not if people take more of the world’s resources than their share.


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