Dedication to Google

Today on Google’s Birthday, I dedicate this poem to Google.


If I was asked to Commend  something, on the New Technology,

Google, my first choice, would Be .

Heavens, Thanks, for Beautiful Google,

The World’s Encyclopedia, for you to Ogle.


Google is a magic, existing in Wireless Network,

It encompasses very information, including a Quirk.

As your fingers, touch the keypad, to Type,

Google has already, summed up, relevant info, in its Pipe.


Gone are the days, when you needed a Dictionary,

Goggle, gives you an answer, before you can count Three.

What do you wish to learn, just think about a Topic,

And Google, will draw out every detail, from its Socket.


You don’t know the meaning of a Word,

You want to look up a certain Bird,

You want to calculate financial Benefit,

Everything you ask, Goggle will Submit.


You want to translate from English to French,

Or you just want some dream to Quench.

Master Google is Awake 24 hours of the Day,

Music Movies and Games, at your fingertips, to Play.


You want History or Geography or Science,

Google will tell you, with sweet Patience.

You want to find someone on this Planet,

Just type the name and Goggle will find, within a Minute.


So many Websites, all over the World,

Google keeps all information in its Hold.

Share photos and videos across the Earth,

Send greetings of love, animated with Mirth.


Want to go shopping, but , its Raining,

Select the shop, click the Cart, and Google will Bring,

You want to hear your favorite song, you don’t know the Lyrics,

Goggle will produce it, before you, in a Flick.


You missed a movie, which you want, to Watch,

Watch it at home, while sipping your favorite Scotch.

You have a pain or sickness, which troubles You,

Google will list out, oodles of advice, for you to View.


You want a Friend or a Life Partner,

Or you want a Trainer or just a Mentor,

Google will spew out names and Numbers

List of contacts, at the tip of your Fingers.


You want to edit a Photo,

Or You want to take part in a Lotto,

You want to animate a Cartoon,

Or  want to see, how your wall will look, in Maroon.


You want to see places, in your Planet ,

Or you want to know, what is the Climate,

You just Goggle It, from your Screen,

While you savor, your Jellybeans.


But Google cannot do one Thing,

It cannot tell you about a Feeling,

Cause it can give news and Reviews,

It can’t tell you, whether your Love is True.


I Thank Google from the bottom of my Heart,

Cause it, can give me, any information, Its Smart.

Google, connects us all Together,

It is an, unimaginable, Splendor.

77 thoughts on “Dedication to Google

  1. Your poetry is par excellent even though I am not a fan of Google. I remember the days you could get the information you really wanted not what Google wants you to know. All that aside, your rhythm and rhyme is awesome!!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. I love your poem and it is so true. I’ve been thinking of the encyclopedias we had when I was young. I don’t remember how many books were in a set but there must have been at least 15 of them and they were big. Whenever I asked my father a question he said “Go look it up.” And so often the answers were there. It was an amazing process too but couldn’t begin to compare to the search engines like Google. I also remember that we had a child level set of encyclopedias when we were too young for the adult set.

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