How to be a Good Friend

It is said, that when GOD made Man and Woman,
He knew he would have to make another Human.

This Human, he gave to us, as Our Friend,
On whom, we could Blend and Depend.

A Family, is a Relationship bond by Duty,
But a Friend is one with whom, you share Life’s Journey.

Friendship is a ship, that never Sinks,
It is a mix of various kinks and Links.

A Friend is one, who walks in, when others walk Out,
A Friend is someone with whom you can be yourself and Freak-out.

Friends, are the most important ingredient, in the recipe of Life,
He is one who stays Beside you, even when you are in a Strife.

They say ‘Hold True Friends’ with Both your Hands,
Even in an hurricane, Beside You, they will Stand.

Then why, Today, you have become so Selfish, My Friend,
Why is it, that I can no longer, on You, Depend ?

For everything, you want from me, a Favor in Return,
When I need your help urgently, you show no Concern?

When I am Happy because I won the Race,
Why instead of a Smile, you show me a Sourface?

Why sometimes, you hurt me badly, with your Harsh Words,
To me, they are more painful than the sharpest of Swords!

When I Trust you with all My Heart and Soul,
You Betray me and Ditch me into a black Hole!

When I was in the middle of a huge problem,
And I was being beaten by some hoodlums,
I cried out your name, asking you to hold my hand,
You pretended not to hear my Pleas,

Instead you joined them and watched with Glee,
As I suffered all alone, broken in despair,
You choose to Ignore me and look Elsewhere !

Is this, what is called Friendship, in the world Today?
That you are surrounded by Friends only on your Heyday?
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed,
A True Definition, this is, our Ancestors Agreed!

Only real friends will tell you, when your face is Dirty,
True Friendship is based on Trust and Honesty.

So, Never hurt your Friends, not even in Jokes,
Never Disown your Friend, infront of other Folks.
For Best Friends are like Diamonds, Precious and Rare,
False Friends are like Leaves, that you find Everywhere.

The Better part of one’s Life consists of his Friendships.
A True Friendship, is the greatest Partnership.



92 thoughts on “How to be a Good Friend

  1. This post is so very great……I really respect each word said……. If the other understands this ..the world we live in will be full of love with flowers of friendship blooming everywhere…. A great lovely post….thank you for giving a chance to read this.

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  2. Great piece!
    Friendship indeed is golden, find the real ones and they will enrich your life, find the leaves and they will leave you when you need them most like in the dry season when leaves are shed by trees.

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  3. Wow! I love it Cattie. As poet to another of the breed that has a heart none other I commend you and want you to know I’m a true friend. I fight fierce for my friends and loyal to the end. Thank you my friend for this amazing poem

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  4. Paul, I’d agree with all of that.Beattie did himself no harm with the rest of the party by ignoring a lot of Lugw7d&#821i;s attempts to throw his weight around.If Labor lose, I wouldn’t expect Bligh to hang around. If Labor win narrowly, or there’s a hung parliament (and they’d really want Ronan to be in that mix – because a hung parliament might spell a minority LNP government), I think there’ll be a shitfight!


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