Why Dear GOD…..

My Dear Friends on WordPress. I thought that after the “Vindictive Boss” leaves our Company, things would get better. But sadly, it has worsened !! He has left behind his Devilish Deputy (who still has 10 months to retire) and has made him conduct an “Enquiry of Charges”, against me and my 2 other friends. This will be a Company Law Enquiry and its a hell of a lot of work, to gather evidence to prove that I am innocent. Some 4 False charges, have been given on me, just to harrass me and my friends and keep the spirit of “Fear” alive in the Company amongst Staff. The new Boss says he Helpless and we have to go through the Enquiry, since it is Procedure.

So here I am struggling to complete my Response to the Enquiry and go through that Hellish Enquiry and Come Out Clean and Saved and declared “Innocent”. GOD is my Defender.

Till, this mess, gets cleared and I’m Safe and back to my Dept as Head, I will be busy.

Pleased Pray for me to Win over my Battles. Pray for me to Defeat my Enemies. Pray for me to be Strong enough to go through the dreaded Enquiry. Pray for me to come out Clean and Innocent. Pray for me that the Management Restores me Back to my Dept.





Why is this happening to Me?

I sit silently, sipping on my Tea.

Trying to keep my nerves Calm,

God says “Do not Fear” in the Psalm,


I see myself suffering since past 4 Years,

I’ve panicked and cried, my face full of Tears,

I lost hope in Life, everything seemed Blank,

I was a fish, struggling outside, it’s Tank.


My friends, whoever, cared for me True,

Advised me, with whatever wise words, they Knew.

I am not able to accept, what punishment, they Gave

I am hurting inside, hopeless, trying to be Brave.


I went to a priest, I asked him, “Is God, Angry”?

He smiled and told me, “God is Merciful and Friendly”.

He said, “The Only Hope is Prayer”, Kneel at his Feet.

Give him, your troubles and tears, Complete.


Then as I started to walk on, he said with a Smile,

“But, You have to Trust Him, All the While”.

I went to God, knelt down at his feet and Prayed,

Forgive me Lord, if I have Strayed,

But take away, the pain in my Life,

I cannot, anymore, bear this bitter Strife.


To keep my mind from worrying, I started to Read,

To Trust God and his Timings, is what, I Need.

For the Lord, hears our Prayer, sees our Pains,

He is the most supreme Power, that Reigns.


I’m told, God does everything, for a Reason,

We have to, keep walking, through, the changing Season,

Cause if don’t move on, how will we learn and Grow?

God gives us problems, to make us Stronger, Though.


I started reading books, I learnt to, calm my Mind,

Many more people, suffering in this world, I Find,

But everyone, who has struggled, in his Life,

Has always come out, more Stronger and Wise.


I read the Internet, grabbing every piece of Advice,

I learnt, it more Important, to be Right, than Nice.

I understood that, We must, Always Be Positive,

It’s not good, to be emotional and Sensitive.






Our God, has given us, so many Blessings,

We should be Grateful, for every new Morning.

Worrying about the Future, is a waste of, precious Time,

The Past is our Teacher, do not look, as if, it is a bitter Lime.


Enjoy the Present Day, keep in your heart, the candle of Hope,

This will help you to, with the Future, Cope.

The Struggle, you are in Today,

Is developing the Strength, you need for the Future Day.


A Diamond, is just a piece, of Charcoal,

That handled Stress, exceptionally Well.

Do not get scared, of the future Unknown,

Make your Faith bigger, than your Fear’s Moans.


If you want Happiness in your Life,

You simply “Choose” to be Happy, despite your Strife.

Rudeness, is a weak person’s, imitation of Strength,

To ignore such mean people, go to any Length.


Cause, no one, can Block, God’s Blessings, for You,

No one can say “no”, when God says “Yes”, to You.

So let the players play, let the haters Hate,

Rest Assured, Karma will handle their Fate.


Keep your mind occupied, read and Learn,

Let not, Other’s Peace, make you Burn,

Cause Jealousy and Competition, is made by Man,

Help Others, as far as Possibly, you Can.


Treat people with Kindness, help one Another,

Value your Parents, never hurt Your Mother.

Gather precious Moments, Look for Good in People,

Do you best, to Help those, who are Feeble.

Counting other’s Sins, does not make you a Saint,

So don’t judge others, when you are also, covered with black Paint.


With a Prayer to God, You should start your Day,

“I want to be Happy Today”, is what, you should Say.

Trust that, God knows, what you are going Through,

Trust that, He will surely help you, Yes this is True.



I pray to God, to help me, Win this dreadful Battle,

And, come out, Safe, with Stronger Mettle.

But if I succumb to Stress and Death,

I’ll still say, with my Last Breath,

“Give all your problems, to God Almighty,

And He will help you, and set you Free

38 thoughts on “Why Dear GOD…..

  1. Hello Cattie. This is a great poem, and I know how you feel. I pray that God will give you the strength to get you through this very tough time. You will win when it is all over as long as you follow Him.

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  2. In the prayer to God lies the karma. Karma means action. From God you seek to do the right action. Reaction will follow based on the Karma. That is the law of Karma. Harvest the fruit of your good action. This is how it works. God may or may not deliver miracles. It is Karma directed by righteous action, which is God in action, steering our lives. Best wishes.

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  3. Hi
    I was in a situation nearly like yours.
    I prayed with tearse in my eyes.
    I dreaded going to work. My previous boss was faulty seeking and accused me of something I didn’t do. When I showed her the real culprit she gave me a lame excuse because it was the appel of her eye.I resigned the next day. When I gave her my resignation she asked me if she was such a bad boss. I looked her in the eye literally gave two steps back and told her no you are nor the problem I am. It was a lie but if I told her what I really thought she would have made my resignation month hell. In the end I had to work two months notice and it was tuff. What was even tougher was to forgive her I am not there yet fully but I can now wish her well and be on my Happy merry way. I have to remind myself that God says treat your slaves well. I was a slave of a boss that have no regard for God’s supreme authority. To me the situation is resolved and I believe all our hardships will turn into blessing. This situation will turn into a blessing.


  4. I wondered where did you go as you are a regular admirer of my work. Reading this really breaks my heart and if it means anything to you I offer my full support and prayers. Be strong!


  5. WordPress is your safe home dear, you do in your own special way what I do in my own. We both keep traveling at our pace, and look in the comments, from where do you thnk all these confirmations are coming from? So surely, not just your mind. Stay classy, keep writing!

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