I Write from my Soul

Hello Friends. Cattie here after a long time. Still going through the vindictive enquiry placed on me by 3 devious bosses. Only Prayer keeps me alive. Pray for me, all who read this.

I Write Because

I write not  for wealth or fame
And not even one mention of my name
And there is little reason to my rhyme
And I feel lost and years beyond my prime.

I write because I feel the need to write
The window of my soul open to light
I have this useless gift that I can’t sell
And if people say I’m strange I think ‘ah well’.

I write because the blackbird told me to
I hear him say ‘I have a task for you’
You write about the marvellous song I sing
But not of where I build my nest in spring.

I write but why so I do not understand
Perhaps the pen is happy in my hand
And the need within me keeps me writing on
Though all my better years are dead and gone.

I write because I hear a strange voice say
Keep keeping on don’t give the game away
Your efforts may be branded doggerel
But you have dreams to share and tales to tell.

I write because to such I can relate
And I’ve no wish to set retirement date
And I write because I feel the need to write
And the window of my soul open to light.

22 thoughts on “I Write from my Soul

      1. You shouldn’t feel disheartened when you write so beautifully. Your feelings should never lack confidence and He will help you get back into the spirit of writing again. Start from the soul and the rest will fall into place.


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