Oh this Fear !!




What is this fear that runs inside Me,

It seems to have tied me, and I am not Free.

Such injustice exists in this World,

It becomes difficult for life to Hold.

Man can kill man without a Gun,

This is a common sport called Fun.


The competition is Quickening,

The ugly egos are Thickening.

The hate gushes through the Heart,

Washing out love from every Part.


Only the fit can fight and Survive,

Only they can be strong and Alive.

The rest just trudge along the Road,

On their shoulders they carry the Load.


Why can’t man instead have more Faith?

Why does he not have patience to Wait?

Why does man worry and Doubt?

Why can’t he kick this negativity Out?


What a waste of time, it is to sit and Worry?

Why fear anyone and like a coward Scurry?

Do you not know that GOD is Near?

Do you not know, then, you should not Fear?


We people of little Fate,

We trust no one, not even our Mate.

We just want an easy way Out,

If we can’t, then we scream and Shout.


If you want the Rainbow

You have to endure the rain, you Know !!

There is no path, clear and full of Pleasures,

You just cannot sit in one place in Leisure.








You have to do what is GOD’s Will

You have to learn to climb the Hills,

You should trudge along, in the path of GOD,

Cause it is the Will of GOD and you have to Nod



Don’t worry about the water and Floods

God will ensure you fly over your Enemies

And he will surely be there, at your Side

You will feel his presence inside you he Abides


Pray when you feel that creepy Panic,

Just take a prayer and stop feeling Sick.

Remember nothing can happen to You,

Until God says so, till then he is holding You.


Negative thinking is like holding an Umbrella

Even when it is bright and not raining, says Buddha.

You must control your mind, to think Positive

You must controls your thoughts not to be Negative


God has given that power to us, his Children

HE will save us and restore us, for he is our Captain.

However stormy the waves may be, of the treacherous Sea

Remember God is out thereand he will protect Me






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