Dedication to Google

Today on Google's Birthday, I dedicate this poem to Google. LOVE YOU GOOGLE. If I was asked to Commend  something, on the New Technology, Google, my first choice, would Be . Heavens, Thanks, for Beautiful Google, The World’s Encyclopedia, for you to Ogle.   Google is a magic, existing in Wireless Network, It encompasses very … Continue reading Dedication to Google

What If ?

What if, You were Not Born, as Who You Are Now? What if You were born as a Cat which can only say Meow ! What if You were not having parents, to call your Own? And You were an Orphan in this world, all Alone ! What if You did not have a house … Continue reading What If ?

The Miracle of Human Touch

What is this great Power of Touch ! Which Everyone seems to like so Much ? Touch is the most natural form of communication, To feel, is the most beautiful Sensation. We need touch just as much as sunlight, water, and food, A Gentle Touch can change your mood. From Birth, we feel the Touch … Continue reading The Miracle of Human Touch

Save the child from Rape

I was reading on the net about this case, of a 11 year old baby, raped for 2 hours. This happened on 4th September this year. After reading this, I poured my grief for this child into this Poem.   Rape, is a word, dreaded by All, Its does’nt matter, if victims are big … Continue reading Save the child from Rape


I went to the City Mall Reaching the Food court, I went to KFC Stall I eyed the crisp chicken and delicious Drinks The boy handed me, my order with a sweet Wink.   Halfway through my burger, I saw a small Child, Standing in a corner, I caught her glance and Smiled, She stood, … Continue reading SHARE AND CARE

The Boss has Gone

Yippee, I Dance with my hair flying free, My Colleagues enjoy in my glee, The Vindictive Boss, he has got transferred, This wonderful news I just now Heard, Thank You all for your Sincere Prayers The Lord has heard us, I rejoice in Tears Those Hateful Days, will now be Over The Good Lord has … Continue reading The Boss has Gone

Save The Earth and Yourself

  Seeing the world moving on at a fast Pace, I sit drinking my coffee, trying to Trace, How everything is so Connected, Yet the world is full of Hatred   We all have the same color of Blood We all walk on earth’s Mud Maybe we differ in color of our Skin But we … Continue reading Save The Earth and Yourself

Make The Best of What You Have in Life

Dear Readers. This Picture and Words, I have taken from Ms. Joannesulvia   She had posted this Picture and Wtote these Words. I just Combined them Both to make a Good Meaningful Pic as an Inspiration and Motivation for all of you, who are tired and sick of your jobs. This Image below, will … Continue reading Make The Best of What You Have in Life