Have You

This is a introspective poem writen by Mr. Mugilan Raju.

I loved every though provoking question he has asked his readers. This surely an Eye Opener for us, to Introspect ourselves.


Mugilan Raju

Have you ever sat in a corner, watching the world around you?

Have you ever looked out from your darkness, to see how others fall and pick themselves up?

Have you ever smiled at the beauty of the sky, only to notice some red eyes walking by?

Have you salivate over your senses, and have a child sit in a corner begging for a piece of bread?

Have you ever wonder, why there is happiness when there is so much hurt?

Have you wondered, how can people be so cruel when our hearts capable of so much love?

Have you ever thought about what it means to live and die?

Have you ever wished you had a life you see through the window panels of someone’s home?

Have you wanted to be someone else?

Have you hoped to switch off your button?

Have you yearned for someone, knowing there is…

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Writing To Forget

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Its That Feeling

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