Persecution of Innocent Man

( This is a True Ongoing, Office Story. Please pray for this poor Man)

Oh See, Oh See, You Cruel World !!

The stones that they, on him, have Hurled.

How, they have peeled his Skin,

And watch him suffer, with their evil Grins .


I thought, this world, had Humanity,

I felt, there were people around, with Sanity.

I thought, that we all are brothers and Sisters,

I was told that, this country, is Our Mother.


We were taught, in school, about Humans,

Being the Supreme form of Life, in all Nations.

What differentiates us, from Animals,

With his power, he can do many Things.


Why then Man, misuses his Power,

To hurt, his brethren, and make life Sour.

Why, are they persecuting, that good Man,

Deviously plotting, against him, a wicked Plan.


Alone he stands,

No one, to hold his Hand.

Silently suffering, the false Allegations,

While, they bleed his heart, with Evil Provocations.


They are jealous, of his Popularity,

They hate him, for being, Intelligent and Witty.

They whip him, with unfair Cases,

Their mean arguments, are Baseless.


To destroy him, is their Motive,

They dig up his past, like a Detective,

They humiliate, him and make him Forfeit,

They use him, as a playtime Target.


The same way, they persecuted, Lord Jesus,

There is no Mercy, in their Injustice.

The same way, they stripped off Jesus’s Clothes,

They chastise him, laughing at his Woes.


Everyone has gone afar, scared of, being his Friend,

Just like Saint Peter, denied Jesus, in his End.

Alone he stands, his face bowed Down,

While, they make fun of him, around the Town.


Silently, he accepts, his enemies Hatred,

His dignity and reputation, have been Shredded,

As Jesus, walked with this Cross, crowned with Thorns,

He is ridiculed and powerless, while his enemies Scorns.


King Pontius Pilot, failed to save, Jesus, Our Lord,

They dug into his flesh, a sharp Sword.

Enduring grave pain, this destitute man, Appeals

For Justice and Humanitarian Mercy, to end his Ordeal.


Then Jesus, had protected a Woman being Stoned,

The high priests and citizens, refused to have her, Condoned ,

To them, Jesus said these few simple Words,

Whoever has not sinned, be the first to stone this Bird.


Every man’s conscience, reminded him, of his past Filthy,

They threw down their stones, and walked away Guilty.

Dark chapters, in everyone’s Lives, is  Clandestine,

Despite their past sins, Man enjoys to Malign,


We are Good Lawyers, when it comes to, our Mistakes,

Another Man’s mistakes, with cruelty, we Forsake.

God said, Love one another, be Kind, to those in Need.

Forgive and forget, a Happy Life, you will Lead.


Oh God, have mercy, on your People, in Despair,

I beg you to Listen, to our many Prayers,

Save this man, from being torn, by his evil Colleagues,

Send your Angels to protect him, give relief, to his Fatigue.


Cause We Believe in You, Our GOD most High,

Save this soul from torture, hear his Outcry.

For God, you have promised us, your Divine Mercy,

Let Your Compassion, save this poor man, we beseech Thee.


108 thoughts on “Persecution of Innocent Man

    1. I feel the same. Day to day i get set up, lied on tortured! We’re supposed to trust, forgive and forget. How can you respect somone who tortured you for no reason? Just keep faith in God as always. Reading this story seems exactly like me. It’s sad unfair, mean and don’t understand why people don’t forgive. Love God trust in him and be strong. Only God can judge me.


  1. I’m praying for him, I hope everything turns out alright. I don’t think it’s right to like this post but I think it’s amazing of you to talk about this.


  2. Bonsoir JE N aime pas la guerre

    Prendre le temps d’aimer
    C’est l’éternelle jeunesse
    C’est du rire
    C’est la musique quand on se sens en pleine forme
    C’est pleurer quand on a l’émotion
    C’est du cœur à partager avec les siens ou avec ses amis
    C’est de lire pour s’instruire et avoir su savoir
    C’est écouter
    C’est l’intelligence
    De penser est la clé de la réussite
    De jouer nous rappelle notre enfance
    De rêver c’est un souffle de bonheur
    Il faut prendre le temps de vivre car les jours passent vite
    Passe une belle soirée
    Gros bisous Bernard

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      1. Thank You Prashantt. That’s why I posted it here on WordPress. I know you all are such Good Hearted People with Sincere Wishes. And what My Friend (that man) needs now is Good Wishes and Prayers. The positive force of all our Prayers and Wishes, will surely Save him and Bring him Back to Power.

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      2. Hey!! I’ve nominated you for Bloggers Recognition Award.Be comfortable to take it up.I’ll appreciate your participation. 🙂


    1. This is about a Man 45 years old working as Sr. Vice President. Being tortured by his Seniors and Colleagues because they are jealous of his Intelligence and Popularity. So they found out one small tiny mistake of it and are tormenting him for that, just to make him resign or collapse. But nothing like that will happen, because all of you are Blessing him with Prayers and Good Wishes and GOD cannot ignore us all.

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      1. Oh! After seeing that picture only I just can’t resist myself from sharing my words. But whether it is the child or anyone else torturing anyone cannot be acceptable. God is seeing everything and he himself will take care of us, him and every beautiful soul! 🌹

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      1. 😅 Thank you Cattie for that compliment.
        Please visit my most recent post and watch the Mystery Blogger Award there. You’ll understand what you’ve got to do. If you face any issue, ping me again. 🙂


      2. Oh! Thank you dear.
        Kindly visit the most recent post of mine titled ‘Three coveted titles’ .. Read about the Real Neat award there. You’ll find the rules and that will guide you what to do. You can ping again if you don’t understand anything. Congratulations on getting nominated 🙂


      1. God’s help is always there even when we don’t see it… he will get his help…God just waits for the right time..

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    1. Thank You Arohii. Its like this – A small boy robbed a piece of bread from the shop-keeper and the entire public crowd, caught the boy and whipped him black and blue.
      But yet another Underworld Goon, robs and cheats people and bullies people, but no one has the guts to touch that man.

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  3. SO sad. I loved how your wove in the story of Jesus in this piece. I particularly liked:

    “As Jesus, walked with this Cross, crowned with Thorns,
    He is ridiculed and powerless, while his enemies Scorns.”

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    1. Yes Rob, the way this man is being harassed and tormented by his seniors and colleagues, for one small mistake, they are acting as if he killed a 1000 men. All our hearts cry out for ‘him’. I truly feel he is like our Jesus.

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      1. Thanks Pap. That horrible Boss has finally gone. Only he has left his Deputy who is having just 11 months for his retirement and who is also evil and doing his best to spew dirt into the new MD’s ears!! We hope Jesus will Influence our new MD fully.

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    1. It is a True Story. Thankfully, the main MD has left, but he has left behind his old evil deputy, who has another 10 months to retire. I hope my Friend gets back his Power and Position and Popularity in the Company.

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  4. Life has never been fair. But this kind of cruelty really makes we wonder – Are we so deprived of humanity?
    Your poem is the reflection of today’s world, where evil does evil things and righteous suffers for being good. Bitter truth, but the reality.


  5. Hey, Cat that’s a beautiful write up I must say. Didn’t take you for such poignant writer….. I am quite amazed tbh…..
    So you’ve got sense of humor you can write such beautiful poems…. Wow…. Quite a girl :p


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