Roses for you my Friend

A dozen roses I give to you my friend A gift that seems so small But they represent so much Our friendship most of all. A rose for the friendship A rose for the touch A rose for the trust we share Our sharing means so much. A rose for the kindness And the deep … Continue reading Roses for you my Friend

Oh this Fear !!

      What is this fear that runs inside Me, It seems to have tied me, and I am not Free. Such injustice exists in this World, It becomes difficult for life to Hold. Man can kill man without a Gun, This is a common sport called Fun.   The competition is Quickening, The … Continue reading Oh this Fear !!

I Write from my Soul

Hello Friends. Cattie here after a long time. Still going through the vindictive enquiry placed on me by 3 devious bosses. Only Prayer keeps me alive. Pray for me, all who read this. I Write Because I write not  for wealth or fame And not even one mention of my name And there is little … Continue reading I Write from my Soul

Look and Laugh with Cattie’s Babies.

Hi Friends, Yes, here's your Cattie. Still fighting the battle against the bad bad people in my office. Now we are a group of 3. I have given a written complaint to Chairman, but still no response. So I went ahead on the Net and wrote to all Important people, forwarding our torment at the … Continue reading Look and Laugh with Cattie’s Babies.

Why Dear GOD…..

My Dear Friends on WordPress. I thought that after the "Vindictive Boss" leaves our Company, things would get better. But sadly, it has worsened !! He has left behind his Devilish Deputy (who still has 10 months to retire) and has made him conduct an "Enquiry of Charges", against me and my 2 other friends. … Continue reading Why Dear GOD…..

Persecution of Innocent Man

( This is a True Ongoing, Office Story. Please pray for this poor Man) Oh See, Oh See, You Cruel World !! The stones that they, on him, have Hurled. How, they have peeled his Skin, And watch him suffer, with their evil Grins .   I thought, this world, had Humanity, I felt, there … Continue reading Persecution of Innocent Man

Cast Away your Fears

Why do people always Fear ? This or that, there or Here, Why do people get Afraid ? Why does courage Fade ?   We were born Innocent, We had no fear, when we were Infants, Then how did “Fear” creep Inside, Does this feeling, in everyone, Reside ?   The biggest fear, is that … Continue reading Cast Away your Fears

How to be a Good Friend

It is said, that when GOD made Man and Woman, He knew he would have to make another Human. This Human, he gave to us, as Our Friend, On whom, we could Blend and Depend. A Family, is a Relationship bond by Duty, But a Friend is one with whom, you share Life’s Journey. Friendship … Continue reading How to be a Good Friend