Cast Away your Fears

Why do people always Fear ?

This or that, there or Here,

Why do people get Afraid ?

Why does courage Fade ?


We were born Innocent,

We had no fear, when we were Infants,

Then how did “Fear” creep Inside,

Does this feeling, in everyone, Reside ?


The biggest fear, is that of “being Hurt”,

Why can we not make this feeling Avert?

People fear pain, fear their Life,

Nobody wants to get into any Strife.


People fear about their Reputation,

They wash their hands clean, to have no Tension.

People fear Society and Criticism,

Nobody wants to question the System.


People even fear other Religions,

People fear the Power of Other Nations,

People fear the Power of the Chair,

They remain silent, even though it’s Unfair,

People fear to Stand Up for the Righteous,

They rather pretend to ignore and be Spineless,

They fear the Bully on the Street,

They’d rather Succumb and accept Defeat.


People fear what others will Say,

If they lift a finger, to help someone, in Despair.

People fear to show their Concern,

To someone, who for justice, Yearns.


People fear to speak their Mind,

They’d rather be a silent spectator, Behind.

People fear to question the Wrong,

They’d are scared, that ‘those’ are, the Strong.


Scared of losing valuable Things,

Scared of commitment and attached Strings,

Scared of sickness, scared of their Health,

Scared that someone, will rob their Wealth.


Scared of Competition, Scared of being Frank,

Scared of telling the truth, or being Pointblank.

Scared of being punished, scared of Ridicule

Rather they would prefer to be a Fool.



Scared of being alone, with no Friend’s hand to Hold,

Scared of the Future and of getting Old,

They end up living, a Life filled with Distress,

They become losers and don’t achieve Success.


Why do people fear what lies Ahead,

Why Problems are something everyone Dreads?

Problems are a part and parcel of Life,

Everyone has to go through some Strife.


In times of problems, do not Fear,

For remember Your God is Near,

Have Faith in ‘Him’, don’t forget to Pray,

He will hold your hand, and lead you, along the Way.


So Fear Not, for nothing is Permanent,

Time heals everything, even the biggest Ailment,

So, without Fear, do what you Feel is Right,

And Your Life will always be Happy and Bright.

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